Fixed Dishes

MeZetim | Side Salads

Rotate seasonally! Ask about today’s specials.



Children’s Favorites

Half of our handmade, freshly-baked pita pocket stuffed with your child’s favorite things!  VG  $5.25

Raw Desserts – 100% House-made

Beverages — 100% House-made

We’ve installed a state-of-the-art water filter to provide you with the healthiest beverages we possibly can.

Other Beverages

Hot Vegan Chai – home made with almond milk. $4.20

Sparkling water – alkaline and bubbly.

Middle Eastern Root Beer –Nesher Malt root beer.

Kombucha – Our favored selection of the effervescent, probiotic-rich drink.

Coconut Water – Organic, refreshing and sourced according to high standards.

Make Your Own

There are endless possible combinations and we invite you to get creative and make what feels best for you!

Menu Key

VG – Vegetarian

Ⓥ – Vegan

GF – Gluten-free

Activated – soaked and treated first to activate the beneficial enzymes, micronutrients, and beneficial amino acids that enhance bioavailability.

Organic ~ Non GMO ~ Farm Direct

Grow local, think global. MeZe sources many of our vegetables, herbs and greens from our local One Acre Farm affiliates. Per seasonal limitations, we partner with the Briar Patch Co-op to ensure the highest-quality organic and non-GMO produce standards. 100% of our ingredients are non-GMO certified and almost all are certified organic.